Earl's PseudoVolume Indicator
A Pseudo-Volume Indicator for Non-Time-Based Charts on NinjaTrader 8
Available for a One-Time Payment of only $14

Do you prefer to use Tick Charts (or some other non-time-based chart) for their information density, but miss having a functional volume indicator?

Are you tired of wasting valuable time switching to a minute-chart to check its volume for anomalous activity spikes when you get a trade-entry signal?

Then my PseudoVolume Indicator is here to help.

Know the Volume per Minute for Tick Charts and Volumetric Charts

Tick charts and volumetric charts are in a different domain than time charts. Time charts have a constant bar duration, but variable volume within each bar, whereas tick charts have the same volume per bar, but with variable duration.

But You Can Still Get There From Here

By dividing each bar's activity volume (which is constant for tick charts) by its duration (which is variable for tick charts), the number of transactions per minute can be known within each bar. It's a lot like switching from a time domain to a frequency domain when analyzing a packet of light.

And There Are Advantages

An anomalous spike in volume caused by an institutional trader suddenly dumping/purchasing positions is definitely something you want to know about. But even for minute charts, this spike in volume is averaged out and watered down with other non-anomalous activity just to fill a bar's minute-long timeframe.

Not so with my PseudoVolume Indicator. Such an anomalous spike in activity can span several bars on a tick chart over a short period of time. With a sufficiently small tick setting (like 5000 ticks/bar or fewer) the PseudoVolume Indicator shows this volume spike with ease, without watering it down with non-anomalous data just to fill an arbitrary timeframe.

Stop Wasting Valuable Time

When you get an entry signal on your tick chart but suspect anomalous activity, switching over to the minute chart to evaluate volume wastes precious seconds.

With my PseudoVolume Indicator, you can have non-watered-down volume on your tick charts, which will help you make decisions faster.

Of course, how you trade based on volume is totally up to you. But wouldn't it be nice to have a volume indicator on those tick charts you've come to know and depend on?


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Earl's Pseudo-Volume Indicator$14

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