Earl's Bodacious HAMA Indicator
An Ultra-Configurable Heiken Ashi Moving Average Indicator for NinjaTrader 8
Available for a One-Time Payment of only $24

All HAMA indicators smooth out price data, enabling traders to make better-informed, less panic-driven decisions.

So what makes my HAMA indicator so special?

1. Configurability

My HAMA indicator lets you select up to five smoothing calculations (EMA, HMA, SMA, WMA, and LinReg) for each of the four price elements (Open, High, Low, and Close) independently.

If you select two or more smoothing calculations, then they are applied and averaged for that price element.

Or you can select NO smoothing calculation and have that price element applied directly to the indicator as-is.

You can also select periods independently for each of the four price elements, tuning the indicator's sensitivity to events like gaps and price rejection. Here's the configuration screen:

2. RSI Filter and Divergence 

When you enable the RSI Filter, smoothing calculations are performed on the RSI (with the configured RSI period) for each price element. If you're a divergence trader, you'll really appreciate this.

By applying my HAMA indicator twice in separate panels, one with RSI Filter ON and the other with RSI Filter OFF, spotting divergence is a snap.

(Please note that blue lines showing divergence, blue arrow, and text callouts have been added for clarity and are not part of the indicator.)

Of course, not all divergences lead to profit. Bear in mind that this is only an indicator to help you visualize price data. It is up to you to make profitable trading decisions. But if you are a divergence trader, wouldn't it be beneficial to be able to spot divergences this easily?

Here's a screenshot of the MNQ market with a 9-period RSI underneath:

Can you spot the bullish divergence? It’s there, but with so much noise, it’s easy to miss. Even worse, it’s easy to see things that aren’t really there, making your trading decisions even more difficult and fraught with danger.

But using the RSIFilter configuration checkbox on a 9-period RSI with my Bodacious HAMA indicator can help make spotting divergences a lot easier. By having two of my HAMA indicators in separate panels, identically configured except that one has RSIFilter turned ON, and the other one has RSIFilter turned OFF, divergences can be a lot easier to spot.

Here’s the same price data, but with two of my HAMA indicators configured as described:

Please note that the blue lines showing divergence and yellow arrow showing subsequent price move are not part of the indicator, but were applied manually in order to clarify and to communicate usage.

As you can see, sufficient noise is removed from the peaks and valleys, making even the RSI-filtered indicator (on the bottom) silky smooth. You don’t even need to look at the price chart to know when divergence has happened. My HAMA indicators tell the whole story in this example.

FREE: Trend Trigger Indicator With Your Purchase

Purchase my Bodacious HAMA Indicator, and you'll get my Tremendous Trend Trigger Indicator Absolutely FREE!

My Trend Trigger indicator can possibly help with trade entry timing with whatever trading system you use. By monitoring both price and momentum, my Trend Trigger indicator will let you know when both price trend and momentum trend fall into agreement, which is usually the best time to enter a trade after detecting an entry signal using another method.

Especially if you're a divergence trader, you know that entering a trade immediately after a divergence is detected can often lead to disaster. So most divergence traders use trendline breaks, momentum signals, or just plain price action to time trade entry after a divergence is detected. Though those techniques work most of the time, they're tedious and sometimes difficult to administer and monitor in real time.

All you're really looking for is a "Does The Market REALLY Mean It?" indication to confirm your system's entry signal. And waiting for price trend and momentum trend to agree is a logical way to do just that.

Here's an example of my Trend Trigger indicator (second panel) at work:

Trend Trigger Indicator is in Panel 2, directly below the price chart. Orange line is price trend, blue line is momentum trend, and yellow line shows when price trend and momentum trend agree. Triangles (up and down) show when price trend and momentum trend initially fall into agreement.

As you can see, the Trend Trigger indicator (in Panel 2 above) doesn’t (the way it’s configured in this example) give a confirmation signal until after the pull-back once divergence is detected. And nobody likes to get into a trade too early and have to endure a pull-back, or worse, a stop in loss territory.

Of course, no entry timing method is 100% reliable, and nothing can predict pullbacks with 100% certainty. But wouldn’t it be nice to see how price and momentum are trending and whether they’re in sync when you get an entry signal from your favorite trading method? 

Whatever Your Trading Style, HAMA Can Help

Whether you use automated strategies, price action, or a combination of the two, having a HAMA indicator that can be configured for your special requirements can help. And it's available now for a low, introductory one-time payment of only $24.


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If for any reason you decide that my HAMA indicator is not for you, then you're entitled to a full refund within fourteen days after purchase. But the Trend Trigger indicator is free to use, no matter what you decide.


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